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Rake task for Jekyll stats

26 Jan 2024

A few months ago, I realized that I had written 100 posts on this blog. This prompted me to add a rake task to quickly look up stats about this blog. This is highly coupled to this blog’s theme, but hopefully someone might be able to convert this to work for their own blog.

The taks prints out the number of posts, the total number of words written and number of posts by year. Here’s the task from my Rakefile:

require "nokogiri"

desc "Print stats about this blog"
task :stats do
  yearly_stats = Dir["_posts/*"]
    .map { |filepath| filepath.delete_prefix("_posts/").split("-").first }
    .sort_by { |k, _v| k }

  total_posts = yearly_stats.values.sum(&:to_i)

  total_words = Dir["_site/posts/*/index.html"]
    .sum { |file| word_count(file) }

  puts <<~STATS
    Total posts: #{total_posts.to_s.rjust(8)}
    Total words: #{number_to_human(total_words).rjust(8)}

    Yearly stats


  yearly_stats.each do |year, count|
    puts "#{year}\t#{count.to_s.rjust(4)}\t#{"|" * count}"

def word_count(file) { |f| Nokogiri::HTML(f) }
    .at_css(".post .content")

def number_to_human(n)

If you want to customize this for your own blog, there are a couple of things that might be different for you:

  • The word_count method has a reference to the ".post .content" DOM element, which might be different in other blogs.
  • The permalink for my blog is /posts/:title/, but you might have something different, so you’ll need to chagne the "posts/*" everywhere to match the pattern for your permalink.

When I ran rake stats for this blog, this is what I saw:

Total posts:      110
Total words:   65,348

Yearly stats

2010       5    |||||
2011       4    ||||
2012       1    |
2013       1    |
2014      20    ||||||||||||||||||||
2015      32    ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
2016      11    |||||||||||
2017       6    ||||||
2018       1    |
2019       4    ||||
2020       5    |||||
2021       1    |
2022       2    ||
2023      13    |||||||||||||
2024       4    ||||

Wow, 65,000 is a lot words. That’s approaching a novel’s size!

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