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Dark mode

15 Jul 2023

Ever since I migrated this site to Jekyll over 10 years ago, it’s had a custom theme with a light background. For a while now, I’ve wanted to update it to use a dark background. As someone who uses dark mode on any website that provides it, I found it annoying to proofread my own blog posts on a light background.

I finally updated the site last week. The layout hasn’t changed drastically, but I decided to create a post with a few screenshots so I can look back at what this used to look like. Hopefully, I’ll write another one of these when I get tired of this theme in another 10 years time! ;)

Home page

The home page is the only page with significant changes to the page layout:

  • Added a bio at the top of the page
  • Grouped posts by year so it’s not a single long list of almost 100 posts
  • Added a bit of spacing for the top navbar

Home page comparison


This new posts list on the home page didn’t work so well on mobile, so I decided to hide the date and categories and instead show a simple <ul> list.

Mobile comparison

Blog posts

The blog posts page has had the least changes to its layout. The only change is the switch to light text on dark background.

Blog post comparison

I considered adding a way to switch between dark and light themes, but then decided not to. I could instead be using that time to write here more often!

Although I procrastinated for so long, it was actually pretty quick to update the theme. In fact, I did 90% of the work when I was bored on a 2 hour train ride. When I merged the branch, it was a +90, -77 diff.

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