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Jekyll: Group posts by year

16 Jul 2023

Recently, I changed the layout of the home page of this blog to group posts by year rather than having one long list of posts. I had to spend some time looking this up, but it turns out Jekyll has a way to group an array by using an expression.

{% assign years = site.posts
   | group_by_exp: "post", " | date: '%Y'"

Now you can use this grouped array to iterate over years like this:

{% for year in years %}
  <p>{{ }}</p>

    {% for post in year.items %}
        <a class='title' href='{{ post.url }}'>{{ post.title }}</a>
    {% endfor %}
{% endfor %} 

Here’s a screenshot of the home page of this blog with the new and old versions:

Jekyll posts grouped by year

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