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My name is Nithin Bekal and I’m a software craftsman from Kochi, India. I’ve been shipping web applications for over 7 years. Ruby and Rails are my tools of choice, and I’m also exploring Elixir and the Phoenix framework right now.

I’m part of the Rubyconf India organizing team. Until recently, I’ve been helping organize the Kochi Ruby meetups, and prior to that, the Chennai.rb meetups as well.

I started working with WowMakers in 2012, and co-founded with the team there. Before that, I worked in the enterprise software trenches, working with Ford’s IT division while I was at Tech Mahindra. I was also one of the first devs to work on Project Fedena, an open source school management software. My resume is available here.

On the interwebs, you can find me on these places: Github, Twitter, LinkedIn, Goodreads.

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You can find the complete list of posts here. You can also find the slides from my talks at the Kochi Ruby and JS meetups here.