Nithin Bekal

May 2015
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Apr 2015
Working With MongoDB's Aggregation Pipelines in Ruby 11 Apr
Mar 2015
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Infinity in Ruby 3 Mar
Feb 2015
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Passing optional locals to Rails partials 16 Feb
How to use Ruby instead of sed and awk 12 Feb
Fixing git merge conflicts from vim using vim-fugitive 9 Feb
The Boy Scout Rule 6 Feb
Jan 2015
Making Vim Play Nice With ZSH and RVM 18 Jan
Favorite Books of 2014 4 Jan
Nov 2014
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Oct 2014
Haskell Quicksort 30 Oct
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Sep 2014
NTFS Support on OSX Mavericks 28 Sep
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Decorator Pattern in Ruby 24 Sep
Aug 2014
Problem Resolving Long CNAME DNS Records 3 Aug
Jul 2014
The Law of Demeter 27 Jul
Jun 2014
Elementary OS (Luna) 23 Jun
Apr 2014
Complex has_many :through associations in Rails 16 Apr
Feb 2014
Single quotes or double quotes? 4 Feb
Export to CSV in Rails 1 Feb
Jan 2014
Defending Java 27 Jan
Favorite Books of 2013 23 Jan
Aug 2013
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Jun 2012
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Nov 2011
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Jun 2011
Writing Ruby Gems 17 Jun
Tabs vs. Spaces for Indentation 8 Jun
Feb 2011
Review: Eloquent Ruby (Russ Olsen) 28 Feb
Dec 2010
How to Create a Google Chrome Extension 23 Dec
A Simple Todo App Using HTML5 and localstorage 4 Dec
Aug 2010
Set up Git on Windows 31 Aug
May 2010
Avoid Deeply Nested Routes in Rails 14 May
Mar 2010
Friendly URLs in Rails using to_param 1 Mar