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Code Reviews

Notes from Derek Prior’s talk, Implementing a Strong Code Review Culture:


  • team has a better awareness of the code
  • allows you to find alternative solutions
  • finding bugs, although this aspect is usually overrated

As an author

  • provide enough context about the change
  • explain why you’re making the commit

As a reviewer

  • if you see something nice, compliment it.
  • Ask questions rather than issue command
  • example
    • bad: “extract service to reduce duplication”
    • good: “what do you think about extracting a service…”
  • some ways to phrase the question
    • did you consider
    • what do you think
    • can you clarify…
  • Bad ways to ask:
    • “why didn’t you just…”
    • “just” makes people feel like they are being judged for missing something obvious

What to review

  • do the object follow SRP?
  • Naming
  • complexity
  • test coverage

  • People perceive the reviewer negatively if they receive a lot of style comments
  • Use a linting tool for enforcing style guides. eg. hound, pronto